Basic and Intermediate Level Hybrid Technologies - 16 Hours$275.00

This course is a Tear Down class, 75% Hands On Training and 25% Lecture, covering the following areas:

  • Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles, Hybrid Batteries and Servicing.
  • How to Safely Perform Oil, Transmission and Cooling Services.
  • How to put the vehicle in Inspection Mode.
  • High Voltage ECU and SMR Relay Analysis.
  • How to Clear Controller Area Network (CAN) Failures.
  • High Voltage Glove Safety and Certification
  • CAT III, IV and V DVOM Safety Concerns and Proper Use.
  • Electric Motors, Generators and Regenerative Braking.
  • “Hand on Approach” to Understanding Electrical Circuits, Schematics and Diagnostics.

Certificate of Completion is available upon request.

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