Technician Mentoring Class - 8 hours$600.00

This specialized mentoring has been a very successful class for technicians looking to sharpen their skill sets. This is a one on one instructional class that is 100% lab based; NO LECTURES, just you and me in the lab with no other interruptions.

The key concept with this class is to take you to your next level of understanding, comprehension, and diagnostic abilities. If you’re not where you need to be, this class will get you there. If you’re good this instruction will make you better. Let me pass on to you 40 years of experience as a factory trained technician in Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and several European platforms. In addition; as a former BAR employee, providing instruction to all BAR Field Reps state wide, Supervisors, BAR Management and BAR Lab Technicians for well over 15 years and hours in the courtroom involving “Citation Cases” this instruction will help you steer clear of very expensive “Citations”.

I can assess your skills in about 15 minutes and will tailor your instruction for you and you only, not what a BAR curriculum requires or some other instructional method. In this class., you will use the latest up to date Factory equipment, as well as the most recent After-Market equipment or if you want you can bring your own equipment if you choose. You will train on several product lines.

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