Smog Diesel Technologies (Citation Avoidance Class) - 8 hours$250.00

Smog Diesel Training: Designed as a Citation Avoidance Class. Let a former Experienced BAR Trainer/Under Cover Lab Employee take you through this extremely in-depth course and potentially avoid extremely expensive “BAR Citations”. Course includes Hybrids/Gasoline/and Diesel Smog component locations. Discussion will focus on identification of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst – DOC, OC Periodic Trap Oxidizer, PTOX Diesel Particulate Filter, DPF Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR and sensors that are exclusive to Diesels. In addition; E.O. #’s what’s legal what’s not and how to resolve issues that would normally go to a Referee will be discussed. EGR Block-Offs, EGR, Deletion Kits, Finger Sticks, Air Horns, Re-programmers, OBD-II for Diesels, Case Studies, and Regeneration Systems will be discussed. This course is designed to bring your inspection skill level up; to keep you off BAR’s Radar Scope.

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