BAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training - 72 Hours - (Valid for 5 Years)$1195.00

This BAR Diagnostic & Repair Training course meets the smog repair license exam prerequisites and is valid for 5years. Formerly known as the A-6, A-8 and L-1. This class combines into one course, all course content for the A-6, A-8 and L-1 ASE alternative courses and includes additional updated diagnostic information. This course covers the latest smog update requirements including:

  1. Electrical systems diagnosis and repair,
  2. Engine performance systems diagnosis and repair,
  3. Advanced engine performance systems diagnosis and repair,
  4. Hands-on competency test,
  5. Written exam
  6. All materials
  7. BAR’s Specified Diagnostic Training Certification which is good for 5 years.
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NOTE: All technicians, whether current or perspective, can no longer mix and match the ASE required courses A-6, A-8, and L-1 with ASE Alternative A-6, A-8, and L-1 courses.  That is, candidates must take and pass all three ASE courses or take the ASE Alternative course in order to meet the BAR requirements. Example: a candidate cannot take and pass the ASE A-6 and ASE A-8 then fail the ASE L-1 and take the ASE L-1 Alternative in order to satisfy the requirements for licensing.

This class may be bypassed if you meet the criteria from the Smog Check Repair Flow Chart below.

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